Bride To A Pervert [Kaisoo] [BoyxBoy][CURRENTLY EDITING]

Bride To A Pervert [Kaisoo] [BoyxBoy][CURRENTLY EDITING]

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This whole book was written years ago and there are many many many mistakes in my writing. I am currently editing from chapters to chapters. Sorry for the inconvenience!


Kai enjoys watching people's reaction when he gets all naughty and thirsty but deep inside, he is just a fluffy young bear who loves attention, hugs, kisses and everything sweet in between. He is a hardworking young man and will make sure he gets what he wants.

While on the other hand, Kyungsoo is new to a gay relationship. He has been in one but that is something he wants to forget. Since then, he became awkward with same gender relationship so he avoided it. One day, his parents decided to marry him off to Kai.