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The Voice of Ash

The Voice of Ash

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Nadia Moon (pen name BTW) By HopeReborn Updated Apr 29, 2013

Princess Ashlyna, known to everyone as Ash, feels forgotten. She was always different out of her six siblings. Her siblings all have an incredible talent, but not her. She was just plain old Ash, and she was okay with that.

That is, until her brother Ealdo becomes king. Ealdo, always weak in mind, has his brother Darian, practically ruling for him. And Darian suddenly has every aspect of Ash' s life under control. Soon Ash finds herself treated as royal meat, ready to be sold off to the bidder that has most value to Darian. 

Which means, she'll have to marry someone she doesn't love. 

But Ash, won't let that happen if she had anything to say about it. And boy does this princess have something to do about it.

EurekaEureka EurekaEureka Jul 31, 2013
In this chapter Darian and Ealdo seemed nice as brothers. I guess power corrupted them to turn the way they did.
HopeReborn HopeReborn Apr 10, 2013
@AlexandraLight I have a couple more chapters up if you want to take a look! I hope you do!
HopeReborn HopeReborn Apr 06, 2013
@EurekaEureka Thank you! And yeah, I typed this on my kindle so Autocorrect must have charged starred to started, it does that a lot.
EurekaEureka EurekaEureka Apr 06, 2013
@HopeReborn A nice start. I liked the way you introduced your characters. All through a smooth conversation, not a forced recount from the narrator. One word that caught me was 'started,' I think it should be 'stared.' Other than that I really liked the way you began.
HopeReborn HopeReborn Apr 05, 2013
@AlexandraLight Yes as soon as I fine time to write it! This is a slower novel.