Girl Meets World: Maya x Lucas

Girl Meets World: Maya x Lucas

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»Julia« By lucky-destiny Completed

«Status: August 27, 2015 - January 9, 2016»

WARNING: does involve abuse- lots of cursing

(Book 1 of Girl Meets World Series)
(Book 2 of Polar Opposites Series)

{I do NOT own any of the characters! All belong to Disney. What IS mine is the plot and events or any other character I make up in the story. Do not think I plagiarize, because I DIDN'T! I also don't own the music or pictures}

Maya Hart:
Rebel | City Girl | Sarcastic

Maya Hart is the sarcastic rebel of John Quincy Adams Middle School:
• Doesn't Do Her Homework - Check
• Vandalizes - Check
• Fights - Check
• Always Has A Comeback Ready - Check

[She's the type of girl you don't want to mess with]

Lucas Friar:
Athlete | Country Boy | Charmer

Lucas Friar is the type of boy both your mom and dad would approve of:
• Does At Least 1 Sport - Check
• Loves Animals - Check
• Protective & Not Afraid To Put Up A Fight - Check
• Loyal To His Friends & Family - Check

[He's the type of guy you want to marry]

These 2 polar opposites never had to cross paths, but when Mr. Matthews partners them up for a class  project, they have to meet. And it doesn't help that their best friends are trying to play Cupid for the two...

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[Highest Ranking: #1 for searching "Lucas x Maya"]

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HighOnLucaya HighOnLucaya Jan 01, 2016
Btw I'm just saying Kermit's last name is Clutterbucket not Hart