holding the moon|| shawn hunter {boy meets world} by salissairene
holding the moon|| shawn hunter { everlasting80s
corey, sasha, & shawn. the three best friends. watch them go through life from the start to end. love will come people will go hearts will ache feelings will show. -- if...
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Garcia Finn, meets the world| Joshua Matthews  by thatonefangirl112
Garcia Finn, meets the world| Sam Nicks
Garcia Finn Hunter lives in Texas with her mom and has a dad who left her when she was just a little girl She Lucas and Zay were all best friends until he Lucas moved t...
  • bmw
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The Secret Life // A Shawn Hunter fanfic by ThatGrungeWriter
The Secret Life // A Shawn Ashlee(✻。◕‿◕。)
A new girl named Jasmine Clayton attends John Adams High School and Shawn falls instantly in love with her the moment he lays eyes on her. He develops feelings for he...
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Truth or Dare by victorianayeliz
Truth or Dareby victorianayeliz
Josh makes a surprise visit and stays the night, crashing a sleepover between Riley and Maya. With the parents away and Lucas, joining in on the fun, a friendly game nig...
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Bad Boy, Good Heart. Riarkle  by riarkledarlin
Bad Boy, Good Heart. Riarkle by riarkledarlin
Riley, a good girl who is tired of her boring same old life. She begins to change into a bad person, is it because of Farkle? Farkle, a kid who's life has changed from b...
  • riley
  • farkle
  • maya
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BABY GIRL - [m.h + l.f] by criesinlucaya
BABY GIRL - [m.h + l.f]by — ELENA
vallery thompson leaves lucas friar after she finds out that she is pregnant. 9 months later, lucas recives a letter from vallery saying that he has the custody of their...
  • lucaya
  • mayahart
  • coreyfogelmanis
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SOULMATES ♡ SHAWN HUNTER by missqueensateen
"SHAWN DIGS AMANDA 12:36" ( shawn hunter x oc ) ( bmw season 3-? )
  • sabrinatheteenagewitch
  • hunter
  • 90s
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Stephanie's World •Shawn Hunter• by katelyngil
Stephanie's World •Shawn Hunter•by katelyn
In which the innocent 11 year old granddaughter of George Feeny, Stephanie Feeny, falls in love with her rebel friend, Shawn Hunter. •BMW• •S1-S3• •BOOK ONE IN THE STEPH...
  • alanmatthews
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Emotional Wreck by asmalove2003
Emotional Wreckby asmalove2003
I'm Maya Penelope Hart. Freak Face is what they call me. Why you ask? Probably because I am a Freak. When I was a new born, the doctors said they were going to take 'Pi...
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Accidentally In Love {riarkle} by riarkledarlin
Accidentally In Love {riarkle}by riarkledarlin
"Our love was an accident." He never meant to fall in love with her, she never meant to fall in love with him.
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College  by mikelkelly
College by Lucaya4ever
READ OBLIVIOUS AND BEST SUMMER EVER BEFORE YOU READ THIS. IF YOU DON'T YOU WILL BE CONFUSED Maya and Lucas have just broken up. Lucas wants to have Maya as his best fri...
  • lucaya
  • laya
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Amber Meets the World by sammycat32
Amber Meets the Worldby Sammy
Amber Mathews is Riley and Auggie Mathews older sister. But she isn't really their sister. She was adopted at a few months old. 4 months older than Riley. Amber is in 8...
  • farkle
  • maya
  • cory
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Bright ☓ Riarkle by riarkledarlin
Bright ☓ Riarkleby riarkledarlin
"you shine bright like the stars in the night sky." Farkle said to the brunette girl in front of him.
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Girl Meets World: Maya x Lucas by lucky-destiny
Girl Meets World: Maya x Lucasby »Julia«
«Status: August 27, 2015 - January 9, 2016» WARNING: does involve abuse- lots of cursing (Book 1 of Girl Meets World Series) (Book 2 of Polar Opposites Series) {I do NOT...
  • rarkle
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Someday by girlmeetsmars
Somedayby Shelby Lynn
Maya Hart starts her senior year off, wondering about her someday. How will she end it? Also, follow the stories of Lucas & Isadora and Riley & Farkle.
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  • joshmatthews
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this love → shawn hunter by winterdreamies
this love → shawn hunterby cosmic
❝Nadia? What are you doing here?❞ ❝I live here.❞ [boy meets world] [seasons 2- 7]
  • jonathanturner
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  • shawnhunter
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Years To Come {COMPLETED} by damnlucaya
Years To Come {COMPLETED}by damnlucaya
Sequal to Years Later Maya and Lucas's lives so far have been great. The friendship between Lucas Maya Zay Riley and Farkle was still strong. The Friar Family was grow...
  • smarckle
  • bmw
  • peybrina
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Secrets ( Peybrina fanfic ) by deadwqtr
Secrets ( Peybrina fanfic )by Jo
We all know what happens on camera, but what happens when Rowans real feelings start to clash with acting, and Sabrina and Peyton are locked on set together and things g...
  • bmw
  • sabrina
  • sabrinacarpeter
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class of '98 // by cameronsboyce
class of '98 //by S ⚡
"i'm a phenomenal woman, phenomenally." [ © sarah 2018 ]
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Boy meets World Roleplay OPEN by Peachpty313
Boy meets World Roleplay OPENby Peachpty313
Just started watching this show because of GMW! I really loved GMW, but I think I love BMW more! This is an rp with Cannons and oc's, SO thing's won't be exactly the sam...
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