Crush [SasuNaru] [BoyxBoy]

Crush [SasuNaru] [BoyxBoy]

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[Contains BoyxBoy! If you don't like then don't read!]

Naruto Uzumaki is just trying to get through high school without involving himself with homophobic people, which is working out quite well actually. He is scared and afraid of how people will take his sexuality so he usually just keeps it on the down low. He doesn't want what had happened to a gay friend of his to happen to him.
Naruto has been wondering about something for a very long time.
He is wondering if he should take a chance with Sasuke Uchiha, the guy he likes.
The only people who know about his little secret of being gay and who he likes are Kiba, Sakura, and Shikamaru. 
If Sasuke finds out what will he do?

I mean everyone says he is straight, he is...right?

Sasuke finds out that Naruto like him? 
Will he feel the same way or shoot him down?


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Why does everybody prefer Sasuke to be Seme and Narto to be Uke?! I prefer Naruto being Seme and Sasuke being Uke! I mean seriously the word Uke is in the name SasUKE!
musicgrl11 musicgrl11 Jan 30
*slaps naruto across the face* you are better looking than am those girls!!! Plus, sasuke told me he loved you...
demongirl968 demongirl968 Jul 28, 2017
Here we go woah oh ohhh,
                              daddyo,woah oh ohhh,
                              birth control no no nooo,
                              let it roll,woah oh ohhh,
                              OHHHHHH ohhhhhhhhh.
                              here we go,woah oh ohhh woah oh ohhhh.
musicgrl11 musicgrl11 Jan 30
Oh my god! Sakura is supportive! *dramatic sarcastic gasp* she is never supportive!
SasukeHatesLight SasukeHatesLight Dec 11, 2017
She’ll probably die in the future......It’s something that usually happens in these fanfics when his fam is alive.......Trusting mah gut o-kay!?
Pika-Girl1 Pika-Girl1 Sep 11, 2016
That's how I am when I'm ranting about anime/fanfiction really loud w/ my best friends😂