Blind (SasuNaru)

Blind (SasuNaru)

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A stuck up brunette enters a book store in a hurry to buy his college book list. He realizes that day it was faith when he meets a clumsy blond who's deaf. 

Will Naruto become a good influence of the wealthy and stuck up brunette, or will he also suffer because of his pissy attitude?

A NaruSasu/SasuNaru fanfic


|| Includes ItaKyuu ship as well ||

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GiaWilliams GiaWilliams Jan 27
and this is why me and you have a love hate relationship sasu-gay
comics_and_fandoms comics_and_fandoms Jul 28, 2016
I like how everyone's saying Sasugay's too dramatic when, for us, if it was anime merch we'd say the same about our guardians.
Nerdy_n_Proud Nerdy_n_Proud Jul 15, 2016
Literally me when I asked my gardian for an Akatski cloak! 😂 I still got it for my B-Day though
My parents would Literally kill me,  if I even asked , 
                              And , yes, it's that bad
Zeit_Schutze Zeit_Schutze Sep 28, 2016
I actually want a tattoo in the future and my mum says "WHAT?! No, no way it's dangerous"
                              ME: *sweatdrop *face palm "WHY?!"
BellaWrites10 BellaWrites10 Jun 25, 2016
I thought they did something bad....
                              But a tattoo... Really Sasuke.... Really??