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WINNER 2015 Wattys #JustWriteIt challenge.

Oh my. What large teeth you have?

"As you're pretty so be wise, wolves may lurk in every guise."

Phobias;  we all have them. Heights, Cats, men, women, crying children,  Time. They take multiple annoying forms. Me; let's just say I could fill an encyclopedia. 

Hi; Cyra here. I'll go right ahead and tell you the moral of the story; never trust a stranger, even if it's only all in your head.

The sweetest tongue most definitely has the sharpest tooth.

Red Riding Hood has won a Watty. Thank you all.

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LabelEmS LabelEmS Jan 13
My friend's name is Callista. I feel slightly offended Cyra.
I have friends but sometimes I wonder if I would just be better off without any cuz all the drama and heartache they cause
lamekidliv lamekidliv Jul 13, 2016
when i have kids im not even gonna let my husband put any input in on the girls names 😂 he can choose the boy name
TheAstronautDragon TheAstronautDragon Jul 26, 2016
I can't really do that with the type of music I am into except a few songs
jacee_14 jacee_14 Jul 01, 2016
*instantly makes a mental note to write those names down*
                              I live for weird names i swear like if I ever have children im like already on it for both genders like bam, he doesn't even get to decide. Lol jk but you know, just a little seriousness there
XxRiah916Xx XxRiah916Xx Mar 29, 2016
I love doing that it soothes me and my nerves works everytime