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I have three secrets.

1. I'm in the witness protection program. I witnessed my mother's murder when I was eight years old, and now the murderer is after me.

2. I can read minds. Or not "read" them exactly. But I can feel them. Every emotion has a color. An aura, as I call it. And I can feel those auras -- I can feel the color of one's thoughts.

3. I can't feel Elijah Whitney's aura.

[ COMPLETED - 1.28.16 ]

LilianaAra LilianaAra Aug 02
Andrew Garfield was my least favorite Spider-Man btw don't @ me
Sounds nice and all but most of the lemons in my country are either green or orange... Not yellow
LilianaAra LilianaAra Aug 02
Theory #1: he is a GHOST. Afterlife is a clean slate, so he thinks in white because he is in a state of rebirth
LilianaAra LilianaAra Aug 02
All jokes aside this is a really interesting introduction to these character's considering the setting and her abilities. I like it a lot!
chaos-walking chaos-walking Dec 14, 2016
Omg I have synesthesia and happiness is sunshine yellow to me.
Frode92 Frode92 Aug 21, 2016
Excellent opening chapter, immediately engaging.  Effective (and attractive) writing style.  Will read more.