parent!phan oneshots

parent!phan oneshots

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phanwrite By phanwrite Updated Aug 21, 2015

as you can I'm Into writing parent!phan stuff so here we go!

 stories you will find In this book-

Ill- 1208 words, plot- dan takes his daughter dee to the park, she gets sick so dan takes her home and watches Winnie the Pooh with her and give her cuddles.

Peek-a-boo- 221 words, plot- dan is editing a video then his son dil comes in. They giggle and play peek-a-boo together.

tickle attack- 354 words, plot- it's a lazy Sunday and the howell-Lester house..and the tickle monster came for a visit.

Meet Winnie howell-Lester- 626 words, plot- dan and phil introduce their 4 year old soon Winnie to their fans in video form to post to YouTube.

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Stars-_ Stars-_ Apr 15
Don’t put them on your shoulders! Where they can barf on your head man
This was me when I got sick when my mom was at work bc giving myself medicine was too much work
I did that to my brother. He’s 18 and 6’ 4’ And I’m 13 And 5’ 5” And I hit my head of the door frame and fell.
WarriorSmokey WarriorSmokey Jun 13, 2017
Is no one gonna mention that he only has boxers on? And that a small child can drag him out of a room?
                              V strong child
babypigs001 babypigs001 Jul 06, 2017
Y'all are caring about Dee but then I'm over here saying "y'all didn't take showers"
I say Dan was going to exercise and my brothers watch went off and I thought the world was going to end