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parent!phan oneshots

parent!phan oneshots

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phanwrite By phanwrite Updated Aug 21, 2015

as you can I'm Into writing parent!phan stuff so here we go!

 stories you will find In this book-

Ill- 1208 words, plot- dan takes his daughter dee to the park, she gets sick so dan takes her home and watches Winnie the Pooh with her and give her cuddles.

Peek-a-boo- 221 words, plot- dan is editing a video then his son dil comes in. They giggle and play peek-a-boo together.

tickle attack- 354 words, plot- it's a lazy Sunday and the howell-Lester house..and the tickle monster came for a visit.

Meet Winnie howell-Lester- 626 words, plot- dan and phil introduce their 4 year old soon Winnie to their fans in video form to post to YouTube.

Eliana3376 Eliana3376 Apr 14
I'm picturing this perfectly and I want to cry it so cute I'm ever hearing it in his voice
Eliana3376 Eliana3376 Apr 14
that happened to my little sister a few months ago. She puked all over my older brothers new shoes and he got so mad it was hilarious
Eliana3376 Eliana3376 Apr 14
Daniel! That's not what you do! Take her temperature then give her medicine and if her fever doesn't go down then take her to the doctor. The only reason I know this is because I have four younger siblings...
- - Jun 20, 2016
I need them to adopt a teenage girl and a little boy it just needs to be a thing
jackcosmo4127 jackcosmo4127 Dec 29, 2016
Smh you don't leave a child on a swing for 20 minutes. I'm younger but I have experience. Especially because this is Phil's kid meaning they of course will get sick. Come on Dan. Be smart. A kid their age shouldn't even be on a swing
Alexis_08 Alexis_08 Jan 31, 2016
Dil... you are named after a Sims character. Someone had to say it...