New Kid in School (PewDieCry fanfic) (Completed)

New Kid in School (PewDieCry fanfic) (Completed)

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Sarah By goldenpaw Completed

"Don't worry about it, dear. You'll be fine." My mom assured me.

"But mom... What if... What if there's someone like..." I swallowed hard as I remembered him. 

"You shouldn't worry, dear. Try to smile and make a friend, okay, Felix?" I felt bad now. My mom's always been nice to me like this. I never repay her for it.

I forced a smile. "Okay, mom. I'll do my best!" She didn't look convinced.

She sighed and said, "Dear, I know this has been hard for you. We had to move here after his passing. The only support we have is here. Your grandmother will be kind to us, you'll see. I know you've never met her, since she lives here in America, but since we had to move here, you finally get to meet her... Listen, I know it's hard. But... Just try and make an impression. Smile. Make some friends."

"It's the middle of the school year, mom. Everyone's settled into routine, and they know where and who they sit with everyday. They know where all of their classes are, and... and..." I trailed off a...

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I think it's safe to say that he likes it big wink wink nudge nudge.
But. That's still his name. In Japan they would call you by your last name. I'm known as Sayota. Instead of Yuki. So yeah. Not really doing the thing according to his wishes but E for effort friend
Iyanna_Reads Iyanna_Reads Nov 26, 2016
The title litteraly says Sitting next to- Oh for crying out loud
adoreIyn adoreIyn Nov 29, 2016
Sitting next to terry, no cry, so does that mean Felix will have to sit on Cry's lap aye
I don't even watch smosh but somehow I knew that it was the Ian and Anthony from smosh 😂
But fine can you Just Change it to Cry?? It will be easer to read and im kinda an Autistic soo its pretty hard to read if theres a peron with a name and you them an other name😅