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Adopted by youtubers by Dancing_forever2744
Adopted by youtubersby Dancing_forever2744
(Y/n) hasn't had the best life she is homeless and struggles to stay alive everyday however she comes across a house owned by some special people that may change her lif...
A Blessing in Disguise [ Cryaotic Fanfic ] by Domuniquee
A Blessing in Disguise [ someone
Samantha Alyson is a youtuber named ScarlettComet, who never shows her face. One time she flew to florida to live there but in her first day she met a girl in the middle...
Cryaotic X Reader FanFiction: No Signal by vickyiam
Cryaotic X Reader FanFiction: No vic
Long distance relationships have been known for failing... Especially when you don't even know their name... Maybe it would be better to play it safe with the cute guy...
PewDieCry Save Me (BoyxBoy) by PewDieCryFan9
PewDieCry Save Me (BoyxBoy)by Jaime
Pewds and Marzia have been drifting apart lately and when Marzia asks to talk, Pewds knows exactly what its about. Afterwords he goes to stay with Cry, his best friend...
High School Love (Septiplier) by MatsuMania
High School Love (Septiplier)by Muscle Hustle!
Mark Met Up With A Timid But Brave Irish Exchange Student By The Name Of Jack, Mark Starts Falling In Love With Him And Wants To Show It. But His Friends Ken, Cry, Yami...
When I Met Pewdipie by coffeeshoplucas
When I Met Pewdipieby Tamara :)
Love triangles are tough. Even more so when it's between you and two of the most famous people on Youtube. You have people to judge you. To hate on you. But my choice ma...
[DISCONTINUED] Poison ( Snake x Reader )  by AliceandFriends
[DISCONTINUED] Poison ( Snake x AliceandFriends
"Love is poison. It gets in your system and weakens your defenses. That's why the only antidote is loving more." ((I own the quote above as well as the story p...
Gamer x Reader Imagines by SpecialSnowflakes
Gamer x Reader Imaginesby Zerolands
## GAMER IMAGINES ## THE TIME HAS COME!! I guess you can call this the sequel for my Minecrafter x Reader Imagines, at least that's what I'm going to think of it as. Pl...
Changing Colors; A PewdieCry Fanfiction by ShadumNikita
Changing Colors; A PewdieCry ᴡᴡᴡ
(Warning: this short story contains sexual themes and adult content. Read at your own interests.) It's late in the day, and two friends look forward to a night of gaming...
In The Stars - (PewDieCry) by AltheAlpha
In The Stars - (PewDieCry)by x
On that night I swear I could see the stars in his eyes. They were so bright, curious, magical, beautiful, amazing. I could have come up with a million adjectives to des...
I CRYed [Cryaotic/ChaoticMonki x Reader Fanfic] *ONE SHOT* by letmebeyourchaos
I CRYed [Cryaotic/ChaoticMonki x Alice
Cryaotic/ChaoticMonki x Reader Fanfic
Just Another Voice (A Cryaotic Fanfiction) by Gbuscusdouglass
Just Another Voice (A Cryaotic GBD
Allie has never really fit in, but not for the reasons you'd expect. All her life, she's been blind. Never seeing a face in all her life, she doesn't understand the big...
Project C.R.Y. -Crycest/PewdieCry- by notryanross
Project C.R.Y. -Crycest/PewdieCry-by ☯ tay ☯
Ryan's father has been working on something ever since his son was born. Something big. He had found out how to clone a human. When Ryan's copy comes into the real wo...
Thanks to an unfortunate event (Cryxreader) by lisanne95
Thanks to an unfortunate event ( Lisanne
This story is an Cryaotic/RyanxReader so if that was what you were looking for, CONGRATULATIONS! YOU FOUND IT! and I wanted you to know that I put great value into reali...