Senpai noticed (crush x reader oneshots) [DISCONTINUED]

Senpai noticed (crush x reader oneshots) [DISCONTINUED]

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FandomTrashIsMyName By Crystal_Aster Completed

The title says it all, and also ill be accepting any ideas that you guys could give me same with requests.....o3o
Btw this is  a oneshot book (duh)


(Y/n): your name

(c/n): your crushes name

(B/f/n): bestfriend's name

(M/n):mother's name

(f/n):father's name

(R/g/n):random guy's/girl's name

(F/f):fave food

(F/d) fave drink

(F/c) fave color

(S/f/c) second fave color

(F/s) fave song

(S/c) skin color

(E/c) eye color

(H/c) hair color

(H/l) hair length

(H/t) hair type

(A/n) authors note

[pubished August 5,2015]

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when i publish my story about you and d*** i will be rich and we can buy a limo 😂 😂
that_one_gemini that_one_gemini Nov 22, 2016
I dont like dresses but if i have to wear one i will but heels and my hair in a bun is not my thing
🎶 Thanks for the memories, even though they weren't so great~
mr-spooky mr-spooky Oct 29, 2016
We once had to dress up formally and all to go to this formal dance event so I just wore black skinny jeans with a black button down shirt and red tie. 
                              (going MCR on everyone's asses mhm)
Sloth18646 Sloth18646 Aug 03, 2016
Changing my outfit sorryyyyyyyyyyyy I really hate wearing dresses XD
miko-iko miko-iko Mar 02
Probably her mom, since she works for a big transport agency and stuff. She gets a lot of money, knows a lot of businesses, and gets to travel the world. But they've been having issues lately, so maybe it's her dad. He spoils them a little bit.