A Family Affair

A Family Affair

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Seventeen years ago, a then 23 year old Carla had an affair with the father of the boy she babysat and ended up marrying him and got introduced to the luxury life. He was handsome, charming and rich and gave Carla a life she could have never even dreamed about. But recently Carla has a feeling of sadness and loneliness in her life. Warren, her husband is gone on business trips five days a week and Carla is left all alone in her Chicago mansion. It's not until Ryan, Warren's son and the boy she used to babysit for shows up unexpectedly that her sadness starts to disappear. Carla and Ryan, now a handsome 23 year old, maintain a steamy affair behind her husband and his father's back. He is making her the happiest she has ever been, but is Ryan all that he seems? It seems as though the men of that family have some real secrets and Carla, on the outskirts will do all she can to discover the truth. 

Told through past and present perspectives this book is filled with twists and turns and is sure to keep you turning the page.

*This book isn't about some weird incest type shit 😂 so please if you're into that weird stuff, this isn't for you.* 

GENRES : Young adult, romance, drama, general fiction.

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