Lynxharrow: Path of the Witch

Lynxharrow: Path of the Witch

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Christophe Maso By ChristopheMaso Updated Oct 05, 2015

Eighteen year-old Lee Indridason has a priceless gift. He can play any musical instrument like a master, within minutes of laying hands on it. He's graduated high school, his band is on the rise, and he's found a very special girlfriend, Jesse...who happens to be a Wiccan. The future's wide open for this young Texan from humble beginnings.

Only his priceless gift comes with a price. Enough anger or pain can trigger uncontrollable, violent rages. A wild animal sleeps inside of him, always waiting to be awakened. He calls it "The Steppenwolf". And drugs and alcohol are the only things he knows of that can keep it dormant.

Initiated into Jesse's coven as a fledgling witch, Lee finds close friends, wise teachers, and a personal path that feels right. One that reveres Nature and trains him in the Old Ways -- the ways of magic -- and ways in which he can begin to control the Steppenwolf without using drugs and alcohol. But he soon discovers that, for the strongest, the path of the witch is fraught with danger -- both from Nature's "world unseen", and from one's fellow witches. "Perfect love and perfect trust" become expendable tenets for those who harbor jealousy, ego, and hunger for power and prestige.

And even if Hell and demons are nothing more than Christian myths, there lurk things in Nature easily as terrible. And some far, far worse.