Lost in Darkness

Lost in Darkness

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"Suddenly, I found our faces so close together, I could feel his warm breath caressing my face. It smelt slightly of mint, and an undercurrent that was all Cole-pure masculine goodness.I breathed in deeply, my eyes briefly fluttering closed. God, since when did he smell so good?"

Raven has lost everyone. Her mother and twin sister died, her father left, leaving her in alone in the world with powers that she barely understands. All that Raven has left is Cole, her best friend. 

When a dangerous enemy resurfaces intent on killing Raven, Cole swears he will do all he can to protect her. As the two get pushed closer together, will their combined powers be enough to save them? Will Raven be able to stop her heart from shattering to a thousand pieces?

Please keep in mind that this is a first draft, and is, for the most part, unedited. I know it's not at its best, but I'm working on it...

"Wow, I am so hooked!" 
"You captivated me from the start..." 
"The storyline seems very original..." 

The above were just a few of the comments I received... :)

As you can tell, this is also a romance as well as paranormal/fantasy :) hehe

Laura__Zalenga owns the right to the picture in the cover...

  • anger
  • blood
  • dark
  • death
  • demons
  • end
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  • paranormal
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CaptainAvacado CaptainAvacado Jan 23, 2015
"Cole that was too damn close!" I yelled, my hands fisting. 
midnight-disaster midnight-disaster Sep 28, 2012
@whatsthefuninsanity Thank you! I'm glad you're liking it so far :) x
- - Jul 20, 2012
I love the picture on the side! The girl is so pretty and this story is very goodddddddd....:D
midnight-disaster midnight-disaster May 27, 2012
Thanks for all the other lovely comments I received but haven't responded to. They're all much appreciated :)
midnight-disaster midnight-disaster May 27, 2012
@Emobear reallyy? That's so cool! :D Sorry for my late response by the way, I literally only just saw this comment. -.- I'm a fail ;P
Emobear Emobear May 15, 2012
HAHA i made a movie poster for my class for this book :) it looks awesome it has Lucius and Raven on it.