Kiss me

Kiss me

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Ivette By Ivettexz Updated Mar 14, 2018

"I've learned my lesson Mr. Bateman" I say as I stand up from my desk and walk up to his. "Have you really Miss Summers?" What the hell is wrong with this man? "Can I go now Mr. Bateman? I really don't want to miss the rest of my classes." I said standing in front of him. God he's so tall. "Your other classes are more important than mine I see." He says not keeping his eyes off of mine. 

"No, your class is just as important as the rest of them. If not more." I said getting angry. Why isn't he letting me go? "It's obviously not if you came to my class unbelievably late!!" He said raising his voice. "It's not my fault! Just fucking relax!" Damn I regret that now. 

"Who do you think you're talking to Miss Summers?! You're acting like a child!" A child? The nerve of this man! "I am NOT a child! I am anything but that! You're a damn child!" His eyes widened. Oops..

"Me? A child? Miss Summers You're gonna be here everyday for an hour till you learn how to respect me." WHAT? God he's got me so mad but I want to rip off his clothes so bad. This is so wrong for me to be thinking like this.. "Think like what Miss Summers?" Dammit.


He lifted me into the desk and he bit my bottom lip causing me to gasp. His hand trailed into my shirt, caressing my skin...

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