The Betrothed: Book 2 (BoyxBoy)

The Betrothed: Book 2 (BoyxBoy)

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panda_lover____ By panda_lover____ Updated Jan 10

[Sequel to The Betrothed]

Married life has its perks and problems, but even more so when you're allowed to be legally married.

Tyler and Hunter had their ceremonial marriage on July 28, 2014 and not more than a year later, same-sex marriage was legalized throughout the whole country. Follow these two love birds as they continue their journey through their new life preparing for their legal marriage, solving domestic problems, and running away from horrible pasts.

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yennie01 yennie01 Jul 14
Well, f*ck you Dylan! I hope you'll rot in hell! Just go to hell already and dpnt ever come back and bother Tyler. He have already experienced enough from you.
Danibell92 Danibell92 Feb 17, 2016
Omgosh dylan is going out in action!! kyahhh!! Is it going to be another triangle love???
expressyourself_3 expressyourself_3 Jul 25, 2016
*gets confused* why would he want Tyler if he beat and cut him up for people knowing about their relationship and acted like he didn't want him in the first place
ladyalexisc ladyalexisc Oct 23, 2016
I was looking through the comments and I was like "who the hell is Dylan"
                              Then, oh...
TheLeonGlory TheLeonGlory Dec 15, 2015
Am I the only one that thinks that there could be a possibility that this is Hunter??? Plot twists I guess...
DBaverst DBaverst Dec 15, 2015
So....Dylan getting 10 years for assault (even if they added the "deadly weapon" part) seems reallllly excessive for a first offense. Also, those who helped him should have been punished, but they get zero jail time to his 10 years....hummmm.