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JohnDave richstuck

JohnDave richstuck

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DragonLusus By DragonLusus Completed

(Art credit ikimaru on tumblr)
Aight so this is like a JohnDave richstuck sort of thing. I know it's like a thing where John and Jade are siblings and like they're related to Jake and Jane, but we're just gonna keep nanna and Jane and popop and jake separate people from separate families. Also I'm gonna have the strider and lalonde families separate because it's just easier that way.
 Okay so John and his beautiful sister Jade are having their yearly ball at their mansion. However, what they don't know is that their father invited an unwanted guest. One who may just change the very way Johns life swings. (Intended pun bye)
Edit: Instead of updating like every other day like I used to I'll probably just update every week starting next week. :/ haven't really been into writing lately. Been watchin to much plinkoceans on YouTube. Heh. Help.
P.S. I've watched all of their videos at least  4 times, like I cAN RECITE SOME OF THE VIDEOS. THATS NOT GOOD.

Dev_Senpai Dev_Senpai May 24
Are ya sure Dave..? Did those Doritos do anything to your brainnn?
Katpride Katpride Aug 31, 2016
Dirk: Man, I sure love meeting people my age. There's Roxy Lalonde, Jane Crocker, and... *looks at smudged writing on hand* Joke Egglist.
Rossasaurus Rossasaurus Apr 03, 2016
Oh, but will not be a girl you'll sweeping off her feet *cough* Egderp *cough*
Rossasaurus Rossasaurus Apr 03, 2016
My little sister chased me with Betty Crocker frosting the other day.......i was terrified
Katpride Katpride Aug 31, 2016
John is the typical teenage female drama queen in most movies and somehow it fits??
XionShadow XionShadow Oct 31, 2016
Me: The Batter Witch her self- oh wait it's Jane, the slightly adorable Trickster/ Nerd there is!