Nocte Angelus ~Slow Updates~

Nocte Angelus ~Slow Updates~

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Mary By Mary1803 Updated Jun 23, 2013

Every night starts the same for Amaranth with a dream that she can not shake. Always starts the same and always ends the same.

There is a man. A man who has this mysterious, brooding yet otherworldly attractiveness to him from her recurring dream, surprisingly appears right before her eyes. His appearance begins to cause conflict in her already complicated life.

A life filled with secrets so monumentally complicated, that she's done her best to keep it just that...a secret. It's the reason she secludes herself from the world. The only person that knows her secret is Ryden, her best friend and only living family.

Because of this man, her secrets begin to unravel whether she likes it or not.

Her heart sparks to life at his feather like touch and the whisper of his voice. There is more to him then meets her much more.

Should she accept it or ignore it? What if that dream stands for something much greater?

What happens when she finds herself completely aroused by his loathing arrogance, smug personality and her own confusion of the heart?

Follow Amaranth Hathaway as she finds out she is much more important then she realizes.

Born from forbidden love, her father an original Royal Vampire and her mother an Angel, Amaranth becomes..."Night Angel"

Rated R for suggestive material, and/or strong sexual content.

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Mary1803 Mary1803 Jul 17, 2012
@TacoSauceNess Thank you so very much. Your input is incredibly important to me as it helps me grow into becoming a better writer. Everything said is taken into consideration. Thank you again. ^_^v
Mary1803 Mary1803 Nov 27, 2011
@MissDiorCherie Thanks so much for taking the time to read this, it means a lot to me. I am sincerely grateful for your comment. ^_^
MissDiorCherie MissDiorCherie Nov 27, 2011
Wow this is amazing.. I love the details you provided! I also like the slideshow and the characters.. Thanks for asking me to read! Voted.
Mary1803 Mary1803 Sep 26, 2010
The slideshow pics are just so u can get an idea of what my characters look like. Will add the rest of them once I get them fixed and finished! ^_^
Mary1803 Mary1803 Sep 18, 2010
@IgnoranceIsBliss696 Thank u so, so, so much for taking the time and reading this. I really am very grateful for your comment. I will continue writing and post as soon as I can. Thanks again. ^_^
Stormwhite Stormwhite Sep 17, 2010
Night Angel definitely sounds better....
                              Love the story, btw...
                              U should definitely keep going with it....