Vincent Territory

Vincent Territory

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Alexis Michaels is a normal teenage werewolf. After her parents' mysterious disapearance she was left in the care of her Alpha where she was constantly taken advantage of.

One night after being continuously beaten by a pack member and almost raped, she runs away

 She ran far but because of her misfortune falls upon Vincent territory.

The Vincent twins were known to be the most horrendous of people. They were respected by all and when found on their land Alex is forced to pay for her trespassing. 

The boy, Payne just so happens to be Alex's mate but with everything life has thrown at them both is it possible love can be formed between the two? Both have had their own share of hell, Payne more so but does he have a heart when it comes to Alex? could he love her and be a mate? And if not, Will Alex survive on Vincent Territory? After all, she has to pay for trespassing.

(prologue will include more about the Vincents. Not Cliche, give it a try and you'll like it.)


GiaPet1000 GiaPet1000 2 days ago
Wtf don't tell me that type of story and then say good night like I'm supposed to be able to sleep. 😑
N_nina8 N_nina8 4 days ago
Isn't she supposed to be going to sleep so why is she telling her a story of two murders?
Uhh..nice bedtime story mom. That won't freak a child out at all 🙄
TaraLovesCreme TaraLovesCreme 6 days ago
Reading for the 4th time, I'm trying to find more of these books but I always end up here reading this again and again <3
pussychuu pussychuu a day ago
that episode of iCarly with Charles Dingo's frozen body 😂😩
MehrXm MehrXm 2 days ago
Is that a story to tell kids? Especially when they're going to bed?