He let out what sounded like a growl of pleasure before he continued to rub his fur against me. Warm tears fell down my cheeks as I realised I wasn't going to see my pack again. The purring wolf stopped when he saw my state and began to whine. He then ran off in some direction leaving me to cry.

A few minutes later I heard a branch snap and my eyes met beautiful sapphire ones that belonged to the one and only Alpha Andrew, This time I could hear my wolf whispering to me. 'Mate mate mate mate' I began to shake my head when Andy kneeled down in front of me.

"Hello mate"

Alaska is a completely average girl with an average school, average friends and an average family but what happens when a not so average holiday changes her life? Her average life is suddenly thrown out the window and a new one full of werewolves, magic and mates replaces it. What happens when the most dangerous and possessive alpha in the world claims her? Will she fight against him or eventually give into his stubbornness and charm.

Disclaimer- I do not own the cast nor most of the photos or videos in this story

faithful120 faithful120 Nov 28, 2016
I don't know what make-up is, well I can't tell it apart because I've never wore it I'm 15 almost 16
hannahjnk hannahjnk Dec 22, 2016
I kind if agree with this book though, kids now where slutty cloths and listening to shitty music! Like come on what about all the better music from the 2000
lilster104 lilster104 Jan 01
You can't say that music now is shitty because some of it's okay 
                              Like most of it is crap but not all of it is
MsIrving MsIrving Oct 18, 2016
Bruh honestly if ur child is searching things like that, it isnt nicki or kim's fault. Kim wants to have surgery, its her body and i bet she never told any girls to do the same thing that she did. Kim makes in billons of money everyday.  Nicki impacted so many young woc.
MsIrving MsIrving Oct 18, 2016
Just because Nicki muisc and Quinn music is way differnt, doesnt mean any of them are bad. People interpret music differnt from eachother. Dont bash them or the artists because you dont agree with one another.
Unwanted_Love Unwanted_Love Nov 03, 2016
Pierce the Veil and Sleeping with Sirens are bands that give me life