Good Guys are the New Bad Boys

Good Guys are the New Bad Boys

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Cynical-Romantic By cynical-romantic Updated Dec 22, 2016

"I need you to help me be a good guy," he said bluntly, blue eyes piercing my questioning gaze.

And that's when I started laughing hysterically. I mean the whole laughing silently, mouth wide open, clapping like a retarded seal. 

And then I saw the dead serious look he had on his face.

My jaw dropped in shock. "You're serious?" The glare he gave me right then was my answer.

Holy crappers, Hilton's resident bad boy wants to be a good guy.
Lyla Matherson lives in a town where being the bad boy or dating the bad boy is the way to roll. In the small town of Hilton, the boys and girls experience what Lyla calls "the baddies". The guys all want to be the bad boy. The girls want to date or "change" the bad boy, like in the cliché romance novels. And Lyla, well Lyla wants them all to go straight down to hell. She hates the bad boy epidemic and takes pride in literally being the only girl not taking part in the bad boy fever. 

You can imagine her surprise when Hilton's first bad boy, the one who claimed the title before the epidemic spread, asks her to help him become the good guy. Apparently, leather jackets and a hot 'n cold attitude just aren't cutting it for Nathaniel Avery.

In a tale of where bad is good, what happens when two students defy all odds to put good back in style? Join Lyla & Nathaniel in this un-cliché story of when the bad boy turned good and find out.


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bandnerd2001 bandnerd2001 5 days ago
This is my same opinion of my classmates. I say this everytime i have to go school
I would've literally tackled him and took my phone back... like AIN'T NOBODY HAVE TIME FOR ALL THAT WORK
                              AND NOBODY
                              which is ironic since I don't have a phone anymore
eenakotwani eenakotwani Nov 24, 2016
It's like a non cliché story.... being cliché in its own's refreshing.....n great work👌
SilverCatMO SilverCatMO Nov 27, 2016
I've laughed so hard at this looool😂😂😂
                              Wtf is wrong with this school?
xxJulietxx xxJulietxx Aug 14, 2015
DAMN, girl. Get yourself together!
                              I can already imagine his sarcastic smile, and it gives me shivers.
                              This chapter is veryyy lovely <3 I'm totally getting the chills!