The Bad Boy was Staring at Me

The Bad Boy was Staring at Me

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17 year old, Elena Hawkins thought she was going to be done with boys forever. What Nate Thompson did to her in the fifth grade was unacceptable. She didn't want to deal with heartbreak ever again.  Without Nate in the picture anymore, her normal teenage life was going really well. She had straight A's, two incredible best friends, and wonderful parents. 

Her happy normal teenage life was all going to change. Forced to get along with the popular people, in their all too famous hang out spot. She meets Tyler Black along the way, and her whole world flips upside down. With his innuendo jokes, good looks, gorgeous black hair, and bad boy smirk, Elena can't seem to stay away. 

She learns that there's more to Tyler than everyone thinks. A side that she's only seen of him is shown. The school's bad boy isn't all that bad after all. 

Will Tyler fall for her? Will feelings be reciprocated? Or will he break her heart just like Nate did? 


"That's the first time he's called me by my first name. He usually calls me Cutie. I don't think I've ever liked the sound of my name so much, until now. He made it sound better. He makes it better."  ~Elena Hawkins

"Do I make her nervous? I don't want that. I want her to be herself around me. Show me who she really is, not what everyone else sees. I wanna see the real Elena Hawkins. And that is my mission." ~Tyler Black

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I always hated knock out.  Not only did I always lose, I never quite understood it either.  I just shot baskets until I was told I was out.
Hu sounds like Rachelle Hawkins 💯 .....U guys should check out her books ....Not on Wattpad of course lol
Hi, yes, uneducated person here. I'm a sophomore and I'm taking Algebra 2 why is she taking it junior year? Did she fail it last year or does the school have a different curriculum? Please enlighten me
Yeah cause books mean education which means a good job which means a good life 🤗
He might not be younger cause the same happened to my crush, but turns out he was older
If elena in the that picture she kinda looks like Taylor hill