park {lrh}

park {lrh}

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☹☹☹ By awemichael Updated Dec 28, 2015

“why are you at the park at three in the morning?”

“i could ask you the same thing, sweetheart.”

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dej_okay dej_okay Sep 24, 2016
Because, blondie, some of us haven't gotten over our fear of the monsters under our beds.
macky_c macky_c Nov 12
uhhhhh my mexican dad would beat my as.s. i would say one word and he would SENSE the lie
my sons name is Lucas (called luke and luca as well) and he's Hispanic. Well.. half Hispanic lol. His dad is from Nicaragua and I'm white. But he is being raised bilingual.
neptuhnes neptuhnes Sep 11
i’m picturing her looking like cierra ramirez from the fosters
Me at school I be like “hijo de puta por favor vete para allá pendejo”
omfgitskim omfgitskim Nov 15
this is the first time i see a fanfic with a Latina protagonist and im sOO HAPPY