park {lrh}

park {lrh}

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☹☹☹ By awemichael Updated Dec 28, 2015

“why are you at the park at three in the morning?”

“i could ask you the same thing, sweetheart.”

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Adora is adores in portuguese well its gonna be weird the whole fic
Remember that one time calum tweeted about if you have a Hispanic accent he'll marry u
Yo that's my name akdjak my name is never in fanfics so im so happy
Call me weird but when it said 'adora' i thought of adorable and....probably dora the explorer...
Because, blondie, some of us haven't gotten over our fear of the monsters under our beds.
shaaams shaaams Oct 27
Why is it that all these wattpad characters don't like much makeup😂