park {lrh}

park {lrh}

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☹☹☹ By awemichael Updated Dec 28, 2015

“why are you at the park at three in the morning?”

“i could ask you the same thing, sweetheart.”

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happinessfades happinessfades Dec 23, 2016
my hair looks like i straighten it everyday when i dont. its annoying
bambiluke bambiluke Jan 06
this is so cute, i'm from Spain so i'm extra excited about this one
thottea thottea Dec 21, 2016
nooo, hold onto your home language cause you can easily forget it when you move to another language speaking country
dejha_is_a_penguin dejha_is_a_penguin Sep 24, 2016
Because, blondie, some of us haven't gotten over our fear of the monsters under our beds.