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snapchat // michael clifford au by saintjimmysbutt
snapchat // michael clifford auby pop punk trash
"Is that your penis??"
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play the game | l.h by calwildflower
play the game | l.hby 𝐤𝐚𝐭𝐢𝐞
in which he direct messages her on xbox. • penguinboy96 sent you a friend request. penguinboy96: um why are you cheating? there's no way ur that good
Wrong // L.H. by averageme1
Wrong // averageme1
this isn't like a normal, soppy, and cute love story. since it's not really normal, soppy, and cute for your math teacher to pin you against the door and call you names...
The Four Senses // L.H. by averageme1
The Four Senses // averageme1
in which the deadliest man on earth and an innocent girl somehow end up together. . . . HIGHEST RATINGS #1 in 5sos #1 in calumhood #1 in gangmember #3 in cth #7 in lrh #...
School Bus [m. clifford] by 5sosidk
School Bus [m. clifford]by m
she sits with him on the school bus, yet they never talk to each other.
SUNLIGHT. ━━ ( M. CLIFFORD ) ✓ by chkelmeckis
SUNLIGHT. ━━ ( M. CLIFFORD ) ✓by millie
▷ SUNLIGHT | in which a troubled girl rants to an inactive tumblr account [ michael clifford x oc ] [ tw: depression + self harm ] - michael is single just for the...
desire ~ lrh by shadyrem
desire ~ lrhby sarah
"luke, what do you want?" "i want to leave sore after spending the night in between yours thighs." in which natalie, a seventeen year old fan, become...
Wrong Number // cth by watermalummm
Wrong Number // cthby S
"I had a really great time last night 😉" "wrong number jackass" "oh, I don't think I got the wrong number sweetheart 😉" ~~ Shay; an avera...
5 seconds of summer imagines by DingDong5sos
5 seconds of summer imaginesby lily
this is really old and cringe, i am sorry if you actuallt read this. - almost every single chapter is stolen so credits to any writer young me stole from 🙃
alumni ➢ luke hemmings [DISCONTINUED] by loudluke
alumni ➢ luke hemmings [ maz🥀
"He's kind of like a bad boy with a dark past. But he has money, a relentless sex drive, a fraternity full of fuckwits and hella heart eyes for the innocent. I'd st...
Trust [a. irwin] by 5sosidk
Trust [a. irwin]by m
"You know you can trust me." "I can't just trust you, it doesn't work that way."
Thick and Thin [l. hemmings] by 5sosidk
Thick and Thin [l. hemmings]by m
'thought you'd be there through thick and thin' _____________ "I don't want to lose you, Kelsey." "You already have."
vanilla // lrh by covened
vanilla // lrhby kay
vanilla; normal and boring sex. used by more sexually adventerous people kinked to describe the dull sex had by the unimaginative person A. "I got some last night...
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5sos fluff imagines by harrybabyyy02
5sos fluff imaginesby harrybabyyy02
imagines of 5sos all fluffy all written by me for when u feelin lonely :) no. 1 in #ashtonfletcherirwin on 4/28/21!! no. 1 in #calumthomashood on 5/30/21!!
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someday | luke hemmings by canithemmo
someday | luke hemmingsby hannie!
"dear, i fear we're facing a problem, you love me no longer, i know-" luke practically wailed, knowing far too well that he'd get the attention he so desperate...
Bare Knuckles  ♛  lrh by youreafakebetch
Bare Knuckles ♛ lrhby olivia
in which she's dragged to an illegal boxing ring and runs into the most feared fighter there "You were never meant to be the one with bruises." boxer!luke high...
group dms ➵ ashton irwin by drumsets
group dms ➵ ashton irwinby ash
@ridingash : yo daddy how long's ya dick @Ashton5SOS : longer than you think ;)
lovers || l.hemmings 3 by vintagemarvel
lovers || l.hemmings 3by - liv
after a confession whilst visiting her partner on tour, rosie deals with life as a single mum going through confusion and struggle alone third book in the "little o...
The Internship•Calum Hood AU by b4byg3l
The Internship•Calum Hood AUby ⇧magic since 96 ⇧
Ever since she was little, Cindy had always loved taking pictures,capturing a moment,creating a memory and living life through a lens. Offered an internship to be a tour...
youngblood ▷lrh by damnitparker
youngblood ▷lrhby rosie
June Summers and Luke Hemmings: childhood friends to lovers. More recently: exes. June was left heartbroken by her rocker ex-boyfriend. Luke was left heartbroken by his...