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αɴɢie By lollitagirl21 Updated 22 minutes ago

Cameron Black can't believe his luck. One minute he's hanging out with his friends at an exclusive party. The next, he's in front of the woman who has haunted his dreams for the last  three years. Not just any woman. Chloe Camille Tramell, the only woman who has been able to break through his dark heart.
  Chloe is a broken, poor girl who is looking to remember everything that happened that awful night of the accident. Now a homeless girl, she has nothing to lose and everything to gain. So when Cameron Black decides to help her, she can't believe angels do exist, but this angel comes with a dark secret.
  The journey Chloe and Cameron embark on is one filled with love, bone chilling secrets and a lifestyle that could destroy what they once had.
  Amnesia is a work of art that expresses real world issues; this book will have you entertained until the end.
  Highest ranking : Chicklit #1 11/23/2016
  Copyright© lollitagirl21

Waldrose Waldrose Feb 06
Right I'm confused: 
                              Is Camille the same person as Chloe ?🤔
beyondrepairforyou beyondrepairforyou Nov 30, 2016
My first time reading it! My friend recommend it. I hope it's good😊
GT5helby GT5helby Oct 28, 2016
Just wanted to pop on here and say that your story cover is AMAZING! Good job! :)
galacticstars galacticstars Nov 23, 2016
                              I HOPE ONE DAY I CAN WRITE LIKE YOU TBH
                              THE STORIES I WORK ON SUCK
                              UR MY ROLEMODEL
Rereleee Rereleee 4 days ago
The sexy beast himself is it me or did it just get hot....I think my tablets melting😷
urooma urooma Jan 30
I have read the same story before on Fanfiction everything is same but the characters are different. the story I read at fanfiction was fifty shades trilogy story and this one has Chloe and Cameron. did you write that story on fanfiction with different characters???