His Temptation

His Temptation

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♕ aubrey tillman ♕ By axbreytxllman Updated Apr 20

he's ruthless and dominant. 

he's the scary story parents tell their children at night before they go to sleep. 

his pack is the strongest pack in the world. 

he's beautiful but coldhearted. 

his name is Lucius Alexander Pyle...and he just found his temptation.

18 years old and 4'11 and a half and done growing lol. Glad one of these stories has a short character lol
She can be a white wolf without being rare. But grey is a nice color too
ayeemustbethemoney ayeemustbethemoney Dec 10, 2016
                              (reading the book I mean. Also to my fellow hamiltrash who got this joke may angelica bless your soul with her awesomeness)
Not trying to be rude, just pointing something out that I saw and confuses me.
                              She says that she doesn't have a smart mouth, but later on she described that she's a smart ass. Isn't that kind of the same thing?? 
                              That confused me a little, but don't take any offense to this!🌈
Thank you for pointing that out. As if we didn't already know... *note that beautiful of sarcasm? Yeah.. that b*tch always follows me around in the comments... get used to it...*
riseofpie riseofpie Jun 16, 2016
Wow good job, calling yourself out on not using a cliche so people will give you props