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When Brianna Claytor was fourteen her mother woke her up in the middle of the night crying telling her that they needed to leave. She didn't argue with her, she just got dressed and left with her leaving her father and brother to wake up the next morning to notice they were gone. Now four years later after the death of her mother nineteen year old Bria is returning home to a family she barley knows and to a guy who's body she can't get off her mind. Could he be the one to tame this good girl gone bad. 

Twenty two year old Mecca Canton's Life has been planned out for him since the day he was born. Never taking a chance to live outside of the box and always staying on the safe side. But all that changes after one night of drinking and meeting a smart, sexy. mysterious and ambitious women that's only looking for Sex. Wanting to finally take what's his, he set's his sights out for Bria. 

Can Bria convince Mecca that love doesn't exist or can Mecca help Bria heal from her past and show her what real love is. 

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nidashian nidashian Mar 23, 2017
yall she was young and underage , he raped her she didn't know any better.
Fantasies Fantasies May 23, 2016
Hold on...... Hold mother f-cking on....!!! Was he on your bed with you or another women? If you, you dirty lol You're no different from your mother if he was in bed with you.
pimpdaddyRouge101 pimpdaddyRouge101 Sep 23, 2016
Umm why was he in yo bed🙃 she had every right to be mad then
- - Sep 08, 2016
Both you the reason why everything happened tf 😠👊🖕🔫
pimpdaddyRouge101 pimpdaddyRouge101 Sep 23, 2016
Umm yo dumbaśs shouldn't have been sleeping with him idiot. Stop trying to play victim to the circumstances you created.
LionessKee LionessKee Oct 15, 2016
Yall do know that she didn't specify what was happening right ? He very well could have been raping her or molesting her. Don't assume that just because she said he was in her bed that they were having sex.