The Forbidden Fruit

The Forbidden Fruit

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Athena By MissTroubleX Updated Feb 18

Highest ranking: #1 in Vampire.

"You wanna know why?" I chuckled darkly, cruelly enjoying the way her eyes grew large in fear. "It's because I am a blood thirsty vampire who craves to drain you of your sweet blood."

Dimitri Romero has it all. An internationally successful business, the everlasting curse of being a vampire, and girls. When his best friend and business partner dies in a freak accident, he encounters the only person he doesn't want to ever meet. His lovely mate. 

'Light and dark, heaven and hell, good and evil, Delilah and Dimitri.'

© MissTroubleX 2015

Beautiful cover made by onederstruck-

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yesbitchimawriter yesbitchimawriter May 09, 2017 I the only one that thinks it's kinda creepy that the moon goddess or who ever made them mates made them mates? Like come on. He's a full grown man and she is a little girl. That would make him a pedo...
anonymous_melons anonymous_melons Oct 14, 2017
'once upon a wave' ... sounds interesting,I will be sure to start reading it ;D
SkinnyBeanMendes SkinnyBeanMendes Nov 01, 2017
I'm crying😭😭❤ Oh poor Lilah xxx Poor Dimitri xxx My heeeeart😭😭😭
have_to_dream have_to_dream Oct 13, 2017
I already love your writting from the last book I can't wait!
anonymous_melons anonymous_melons Oct 14, 2017
lol,he is gonna have to wait all that time for her to grow up
ViennaXo ViennaXo Aug 06, 2017
You guys stupid. She ages, he doesn't🙄 Spoiler alert: One day she'll be old enough 🤗