Damn High school (sasunaru)

Damn High school (sasunaru)

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crazyfreakdeath By crazyfreakdeath Updated Sep 09, 2016

" What" the young boy with raven hair screamed 

"You heard right you are going to attend a delinquent school" a man with a similar face as the younger said 

"Come on dad a delinquent school but why" the younger boy said frustratingly

"Well itachi is in that school so why not you it's the best way to learn to control different types of people" the father said while hugging the mother

"Whats wrong with that sweety its going to be fun" the mother giggled

The boy stood up and started to walk towards his room

Before he could go any further the father yelled "oh and sasuke you are starting tomorrow so be prepared" 

By hearing this he became more angry 

The slamed his door shut "boss whats wrong" his subordinate said knocking on the door

"Shut the hell up and go away" sasuke screamed 

After a few minutes he heard retreating foot steps 

He sighed and layed on his bed thinking how horrible his parents can be 

'Well I could give it a try and if I don't lile it I could just kill every...

kid_master_cakes kid_master_cakes Oct 10, 2016
......which one is it you can't wait on? Rape of willing  sexual content
Nvm. Not my mother. She isn't nice enough to say stuff like that.
PhandomsGonnaFindYa PhandomsGonnaFindYa Aug 18, 2016
I too have a mini guy I hide in my jeans XD 
                              in all seriousness though was that meant to say gun because damn Sasu chill the fūck out