Destiny's Choice (sasunaru)

Destiny's Choice (sasunaru)

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Hello again my new story I hope you like it its just my stupid imagination but I really hope you like it well then enjoy


Chapter 1 

"ahhhhh no s-s-stop please don't" I cried begging them to stop but they seemed to get turned on more 

"Ha I thought monsters dont feel hurt does this hurt" a boy with black hair and gray eyes started to break my other arm

"No please dont ahhhhhhhhhhh" I kept on crying begging them to stop 

"Oh lets beat him up" a boy with black hair and purple eyes said


They kept on beating me breaking me mercilessly I kept on screaming begging them to stop but they kept on going finally they stopped , satisfied by there work they moved along I like never existed "Ha I better get going" 

As I walked really close to the walls because of certain reasons I heard a cry I stopped to see who was crying i...

  • blood
  • demons
  • horror
  • kids
  • mystery
  • naruto
  • sasuke
  • sasukexnaruto
  • sasunaru
  • torture
  • yaoi
Ya wenne some one needs to tell you it's not a smut scene but it's a baby laughing
CrazyRoleplayKitty CrazyRoleplayKitty Mar 18, 2016
Am I the only one who thought this was a smut scene at first 
Kykuoi Kykuoi Jan 03
OMG, Naruto had a lot of children! How can he manage to take care of all of them?!
ZhenMcquiet ZhenMcquiet Jan 04, 2016
Ahm all of them are adopted or some is his biological sons. Is he rape? --- Shiver on though---