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hurt :: sasunaru by glittervaults
hurt :: sasunaruby kelly
It all started in middle school; the bullying that Naruto went through for no valid reason whatsoever. But despite that, he keeps a smile on his face because his best fr...
the strippers kids by Blshipper1995
the strippers kidsby Blshipper1995
naruto uzumaki is a 15 year old stripper. His parents was famous for many things but when they died they left their life insurance only for when him and kurama turn 18...
Akatsuki Truth or Dare by Itachi_Uchiha_Rules
Akatsuki Truth or Dareby 𝕀𝕥𝕒𝕔𝕙𝕚 𝕌𝕔𝕙𝕚𝕙𝕒
I hope you enjoy reading this! I don't own any of this except the story written here and two characters I have yet to add.
Your obedience is mine by DeiDaraSenpaaaiiiii
Your obedience is mineby DeiDaraSenpaaaiiiii
ItachixDeidara After sasori's death, Deidara gets out of control. Much to the displeasure of a certain Uchiha. Warning: Yaoi , degrading, Dom/sub, bondage, anal play...
Untold emotion by naruto_fan23
Untold emotionby naruto_fan23
what if Sasuke finally understand Naruto's feelings about their relationship but is it too late to fix
BLIND LOVE []ITADEI[] by DeidaraSenpai29
BLIND LOVE []ITADEI[]by Chewy Jinyoungie
A high-school boy named Deidara, he got blind due to his stubbornness. How did he get blind then? Itachi, he is and his family are just newly move in the same place, Ita...
ItaDei Fanfiction  by Waffles_455
ItaDei Fanfiction by Waffles
Deidara, the youngest member of the Akatsuki, has some issues with a few other members, resulting in verbal and physical abuse. Itachi finds Deidara one day and wonders...
My Brother's Fiancè by ishi1017
My Brother's Fiancèby ishi1017
" Listen?!.. that was the only thing I asked from you but you won't listen. I begged for you to listen to me , heck I didn't give a damn if you'll believe me or not...
My Neko by First6letters
My Nekoby First6letters
Naruto, his friends and his family have been living in the forest for years now to keep them safe from humans that want their powers. What happens when Minato becomes ka...
That's my mate! by ItzTiny_boi
That's my mate!by ItzTiny_boi!
Vampires, werewolfs, wizards, demons, fairy's. They are mortal enemy's. For centurys they have been fighting for God knows what. untill each of the princes stepped up...
The blondes (Sasunaru and itadei) by llitadeisasunarull
The blondes (Sasunaru and itadei)by llitadeisasunarull
Naruto and deidaras parents got killed they didn't know why...Deidara and Naruto are brothers who are orphans until they got adopted by a random family and that random f...
A visitor that changed my life by Sasunarushipper1212
A visitor that changed my lifeby Sasunaru shipper
This takes place after there mission to get Sasuke back and I will try to alternate pov's from past + future Sasuke And Naruto. Young Naruto is in the middle of a Missio...
My Blonde Stalker ( NARUSASU )  by Natsuhi_Jaeger
My Blonde Stalker ( NARUSASU ) by Natsuhi Agami
Status = completed Sasuke, a highschool boy that has, thousands of fangirls, falls in love with his childhood friend called Naruto, the jinchuriki of the nine tails, but...
Team Dream by gessi-uchiha
Team Dreamby Gessi_uchiha
what if team seven plus one other girl joined the akatsuki and became the team dream, How would that change the whole Naruto plot. This book contain sasunaru, sakuhina...
The return of the dead by mintyNoelle
The return of the deadby Minty/Noelle voodoo
Kakashi had a crush on obito for the longest time but he couldn't be with him because obito was dead and kakashi didn't get the chance to tell obito his feelings towards...
sweet. // sasunaru // by angelbbynaru
sweet. // sasunaru //by <3
i love you just a little too much. // sasunaru au //
Naru Uchiha by KittyMefwa
Naru Uchihaby 雏菊彩虹
The cover image is not mine, neither is the Naruto series and characters. Who is Naru Uchiha? Where did Naruto disappear to and why? What is the relationship between...
Между нами 10 лет... by kijurie__
Между нами 10 лет †
Узумаки Наруто, Саске Учиха и Харуно Сакура. Друзья детства, не разлей вода, можно так сказать. По иронии судьбы Наруто безумно любил Сакуру, девушка же, больше отдавала...
(Gay) Bestfriends (a Narusasu fanfic) by Waffles_455
(Gay) Bestfriends (a Narusasu Waffles
Sasuke and Naruto are childhood friends, sharing a special memory by the lakeside one day. When they're older, they are exploring newfound feelings for each other, confu...