One Last Kiss {Book Three}

One Last Kiss {Book Three}

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Skylar Carson By MadnessAtTheDisco Completed


About a year has past since the turn of events Brendon and Hannah had to encounter. 

But their problems aren't finished just yet. For Brendon focuses more on writing music and touring than he should be, leaving Hannah stressed and trying to cope with everything. Will a new addition to the family fix the dense air between them, or make matters worse than before?

Will things end they way they wanted? Or will there be pain and heartbreak?

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bdensforehead bdensforehead Oct 17, 2017
my dad forgot my parents anniversary this year and he almost forgot his own birthday
                              this story is quite accurate to *wed* people lmfao
brendonandryanross brendonandryanross May 30, 2017
I WAS ABOUT TO BE LIKE "B, YOU DID NOT JUST CHEAT ON HER" then i saw the rest and i was like "oh.. yeah i'd forget too"
Im_a_bean Im_a_bean Jul 09, 2016
I thought she was yelling at him because he told her the truth about homebuilding Sarah. But if he told me I'd be like 'good beebo'
Fiction_6661 Fiction_6661 Oct 04, 2016
If it was me I'd let him off. I would be forgotten it too tbh 😂
UrieBanger69 UrieBanger69 Jan 08, 2017
I was gonna say "how can you forget the very first one? like is that even possible lol" but then i realized i probably would and this situation would be me and my husband except i would be Brendon and my husband would be Hannah lol
Frogdadgerard Frogdadgerard Dec 17, 2015
You can't wake up this is not a dream
                              You're part of a machine, you are not a human being
                              With your face all made up, living on a screen
                              Low on self esteem, so you run on gasoline