Whatever It Takes | Rydon

Whatever It Takes | Rydon

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Just fiction, and couldn't think if any other freaking companies. I'm too lazy right now to think of different shit. bleh.


I watched him from across the cafe, drinking his coffee and working on his laptop. He was breathtakingly gorgeous.

His dark brown hair slicked back with gel it looks like and his black rimmed glasses brought out his dark brown eyes.

For the past month, there he sits. Every single day. He doesn't stay long, just an hour or so. The freakishly tall man with light brown hair and blue eyes always comes in and they leave together, smiling and laughing.

I followed them once, just out of curiosity. I wanted to know who the other man was. Why he always comes in here and takes the other away from me.

They got in a black car, Ford Focus to be exact, and I followed them back to an apartment building. The tall man got of first and waited for the other, and they walked hand in hand into the building.

My heart shattered.

I drove home angry after that.

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                              AND THATS OKAY
                              ITS NOT THE SAME
                              BECAUSE RYRO IS
When you reference Misthorphy and How A Resurrection Really Feels at the same time.
Ryan messed up and said awesome instead of odd. And Brendon’s like Don’t threaten me with a good time
And im listening to That Green gentleman and that lyric came on.  Wow
It's *Ryden tho 
                              Cause of B's nickname 'Bden' 
                              The boys even said that was funny