Just One Kiss

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We Are Many! By TheEpicSmurfs Updated 3 years ago
He's Undercover
    He's Deadly. 
    And he wants nothing more than your soul.
    Nathaniel Dias has escaped a prison for the supernatural. He's a soul-eater. No, they're not ugly looking monsters that hide in alleys and pounce when you're not looking. They're men or teenage boys, when you've fallen in love with one. They'll kiss you and devour your soul, they're predators that look like angels. 
    So what happens when the hunter falls for one?
wow we have the same name(well technically that's my nickname which is pronounced as kaye)
Great starting chapter, really reeled me in.
                                    Nathaniel seems really smart and sly. Keep up the great work.
Lol it's awesome anyway why does shae think she's ugly? And please post pic of her
ive decided to read this story for my reading homework, lol ;* great job, finishing it today :D
i have 2 new books i wrote i really like this one..i'm excited for all of the story to come out *soul sucker* great words
This story is so cool! 
                                    It would be great if ssomeone could read my story Killer on the Loose :) i hope you like it and i would really appreciate if someone could read it! 
                                    Thanks :)