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TainadiaFlowers By TainadiaFlowers Updated Dec 11, 2015

A/N I'll show the characters individually through out the story so y'all can see them clearly  


Daminique P.O.V.

"Coming to the stage is the incredible, sexy , body just right , Flirtatious ."

I walked on stage while the Weeknds song "The Hills" played . I spun around the pole . Slowly rocking my hips from side to side . I was grinding on the floor while dollars kept raining on me . I slowly made a split and more money fell . As the song ended I exit the stage and went straight towards the bar . 

"Peach Chronic , Danny ."

Oh, by the way I'm Daminique ( Dami ) I'm a 19 year old stripper . Yeah , I know what y'all gone say . Fuck y'all judgments . Being a stripper gives me that fast money . About 2-5 thousand a night . Better than y'all bummy ramen noodle eating hoes . Anyways , I'm 5'4 , I got super curly hair and I'm a blasian . I don't got much breast , but my ass is round and big enough . I ain't got no heart , I don't give no fucks . I'm p...