Serendipity - Kagehina (boyxboy) - DISCONTINUED

Serendipity - Kagehina (boyxboy) - DISCONTINUED

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Isabel Rosa By isabeltc99 Updated Feb 12

Kageyama Tobio lives and breathes volleyball, so much that he hasn't had time for anything else. Nothing could ever be as important or hold as much value. 

Until he met Hinata Shouyou. 

The orange haired boy somehow managed to come into his life unexpectedly, and changed the way Kageyama thought about volleyball and the people around him. Although it was for the better, Kageyama despised the person he's become. He's always been the type to keep to himself and makes sure not to make any unnecessary bonds with people. Creating a bond with someone only to have it ripped away... 

That was something he thought he would only have to endure once.

Brimazing_ Brimazing_ Feb 10
Oh my god Kags that's super romantic and sweet fkrkdjskdkwkdkakssnejfjfks I don't think anyone can understand how happy that line made me.
Ironic that that's exactly what he gets in a couple of month
MidnightPotato MidnightPotato 5 days ago
Oh my lord, I love your writing style so much and I can already tell this is going to be an amazing book!
ThatIsNotAHat ThatIsNotAHat Nov 01, 2015
Hello by Adele was playing during this 
                              Oh look at that my eyes are leaking