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A TMNT Love Story: The Sisters In New York [COMPLETED]

A TMNT Love Story: The Sisters In New York [COMPLETED]

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Denyse .R. Suits By kunoichi_warrior Completed

This is the story of how two sisters that live together in New York encounter something amazing. The younger sister, Katherine, or Kat, is obsessed with these creatures called the TMNT (or teenage mutant ninja turtles). She talks about them day in and day out. Her older sister Rosaline on the other hand, hates the TMNT. She thinks their childish, and a waste of time. But what happens when Katherine is saved from the foot clan by these fictional characters? What will Rosaline think? Will she believe her sister, and try to see these fictional turtles for herself? Or will she think her sis has taken her obsession too far?

[This story is COMPLETED]

amaaxinguni amaaxinguni Nov 27, 2016
I forgot for a moment that Donnie isn't a ghost, and thought he was floating. Don't ask, my mind is tired.
illustrated illustrated Dec 04, 2016
Dude, she's a fangirl and you go leaving her a note? I thought you were supposed to be the smart one.....
LibbieBlackout422 LibbieBlackout422 Aug 14, 2015
Uh.....Not good Donnie your just gonna make her obsession with you and your brothers worse.
the-hearts the-hearts Jun 21, 2015
Okay, so I'm totally in love with this story already! This sisters are really like me and my best friend! Love your story!
DerpyAwesome DerpyAwesome May 31, 2015
I bet the note says, "I fixed your phone for you once I realized you were asleep. No need to thank me. Sincerely, your savior, Donatello."
Samantha_the_bunny Samantha_the_bunny May 31, 2015
I really love this also remind me of me and my sis except that I'm older than her. And she doesn't like tmnt either I'm soooo obsess with this I know this is weird but I technically wish they where real even though they won't be real