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Yandere Simulator One-Shots by thatCutesyPie
Yandere Simulator One-Shotsby ahopelessfangirl
REQUESTS ARE TEMPORARILY CLOSED! This One shots book will have YanSim Character x YanSim Character and YanSim Character x Reader. -- Please give me with a brief idea you...
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The Blind Dragon Slayer - Rogue Cheney x OC / Reader Fanfic (Fairytail) by moonlightbuckingham
The Blind Dragon Slayer - Rogue Valvia Colvavindia
Ever closed your eyes long enough in the middle of no-where and think you hear whispers? Thought that maybe, this will cause you to go insane? Well, this is the life of...
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A TMNT Love Story: The Sisters In New York [COMPLETED] by villain_vessel
A TMNT Love Story: The Sisters Captain Vessel
This is the story of how two sisters that live together in New York encounter something amazing. The younger sister, Katherine, or Kat, is obsessed with these creatures...
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The Delinquent's Sister [Yandere Simulator Male! Rivals x Reader]  by D4rlin9
The Delinquent's Sister [Yandere r_u_sirius?
(y/n) Kizuguchi, Umeji Kizuguchi's sister finally enters Academi High, the most famous school in Japan. While she is there, she attract several people and make them fall...
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Zombieland Saga Harem x Male Oc by Zlandsaga
Zombieland Saga Harem x Male Ocby Zlandsaga
We all know about Koutaro Tatsumi as the manager of Franchouchou. But we didn't know that he HAD a step little brother named Riku Tatsumi. Koutaro wants Riku to be the...
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"Hello everyone this is ZLANDERSAGA here also known as ZLANDSAGA if you haven't red my other story go check out "Zombieland saga x Male Oc" "A youn...
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My Lie In July (Ouran High School Host Club/ Your Lie in April crossover) by FlowerFiction1994
My Lie In July (Ouran High FlowerFiction1994
Kosei Arima wasn't sure of his plans for high school. He wanted to be able to go to a high ranking music school, but the though of leaving his best friends Tsubaki Sawab...
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BẰNG MỘT CÁCH NÀO ĐÓ... (Han Sara-Uni5) by LoanYong98
BẰNG MỘT CÁCH NÀO ĐÓ... (Han Loan Nguyễn
Lúc Han Sara nhận ra mình đã biết rung động lần đầu tiên cũng là lúc cô gặp phải 1 biến cố lớn trong đời Dần trưởng thành sau biến cố Sara k ngừng theo đuổi tình yêu của...
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Vợ ơi ! Anh xin lỗi ! ( p2 : Quay về đi bảo bối ! Anh biết lỗi rồi ! ) by NguyenThu987
Vợ ơi ! Anh xin lỗi ! ( p2 : NguyenThu987
Đọc đi rùi bít ! Saki nha mn ( Han Sara ❤️ Toki ) Truyện này mình sẽ đăng cả 2 phần , phần 1 chỉ có 3 -4 tập thôi nhé Mong lưu ý : KO CÓP PY KHI KHÔNG CÓ SỰ CHO PHÉP...
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Yandere Simulator One-Shots by impetewentzfrommcr_
Yandere Simulator One-Shotsby Clementine ayee
This is going to be a book containing a bunch of Yandere Simulator one-shots. If you have a ship you'd like me to make a one-shot for then just send me a message through...
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Tmnt Sister Scenarios by Cheetahwarrior
Tmnt Sister Scenariosby Cheetah Warrior
I will take in any requests now as long as they are appropriate, so pls if you have any ideas comment them and you never know they could appear in this story.
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[Go-Onger] [Sousuke x Saki] [Oneshot] Vision by _cxrtxr_cxllix_
[Go-Onger] [Sousuke x Saki] [ it's ally
Vision - Ảo Ảnh Thể loại: Ngược, OE, oneshot Rated: K
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The Open Window | Saki by PoeticWanderlust
The Open Window | Sakiby Chrysalism
British author, Saki's (Hector Hugh Munro)most popular short story, which was first collected in "Beasts and Super-Beasts." (1914)
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Yandere Simulator One Shots by NemesisChan222
Yandere Simulator One Shotsby Nemesis
Yandere Simulator One-Shots REQUEST IN COMMENTS OR BY INBOX -----
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Sakanagei Sisters by Its_Me_Zee88
Sakanagei Sistersby Stray Adults🤦🏾‍♀️
Move out the way Sakamaki brothers, they're are some new vampires attending night school. The Sakanagei sisters. What the Sakamaki brothers don't know is, the Sakanagei...
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A Powerfull Minataur.... (( Gacha life Oc Back story )) by GachaFloofBoi
A Powerfull Minataur.... (( Floofy_Boi_21
i dont know what to put here UVu
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Zombieland Saga One-Shots by AfterglowLesbian
Zombieland Saga One-Shotsby Aya
One shots for Zombieland Saga
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Evil Lilac Princess by -Angel_Ruby_Rose-
Evil Lilac Princessby Ruby Rose🌹
This is Saki's Book
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Oc questions  by W0lflink
Oc questions by Sιf
Ask my ocs questions please they'll gladly answer your questions.
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Unconditionally (sequel to 'Remember?') by crystal_abbiegail
Unconditionally (sequel to ' #29324
Sam and Taurtis were friends until Yuki came along. Sam fell in love day by day and taurtis became more jealous with each passing day... Until that day... Sam was confro...
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