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The Alpha's Princess

The Alpha's Princess

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Coolestever__ <3 By CoolestEver__ Updated Jun 09, 2016

His deep emerald green eyes had long ago dispersed. A deep obsidian black pooled into his eyes from the anger I had caused him. His muscles flexed through the tight fitted shirt he had on. I might have ogled at them if I wasn't standing in the situation I was now. His head cocked slightly to the side as a sinister smirk crept onto his lips. His next words would have made any normal girl faint with delight. It only made me wanna run for the hills. 

"Your mine Vendetta! Only mine! Do you understand that? Or do I need to lock you up in my room?" , his deep voice boomed through the room. His eyes twinkled darkly looking for a challenge. I stood tall looking up at him with determination coursing my veins. 

"You don't own me Diesel Wilder. And you never will." , I spat back with venom dripping off my tongue. His face contorted as a vicious snarl erupted from his lips. 

A blood curdling scream echoed through the room. Only it was my scream... But the canines in my neck belonged to him...

GamerGirl_23 GamerGirl_23 Oct 27, 2016
Omg same my parents say have the apetite of a wolf😂😂😂 (oh wow considering this is a werewolf book😂😂😂)
cheyenneraney cheyenneraney Jul 21, 2016
still nothing compared to soccer shin guards OMG those things hold the sweat no matter how much you was them.
kaybabyxoxo kaybabyxoxo Jul 29, 2016
For a moment there, I read I have two adoring daughters! Lol idk how, I was so confused 😭
misslove2shoot misslove2shoot Jun 28, 2016
I would bring the snacks up the stairs before bed or when ever I  can just so I won't have to fall going down stairs in the night
JazzMoon_23 JazzMoon_23 Sep 27, 2016
At times my mom had to carry me upstairs just because I refused to let go of the floor
Yes girl you can say that again give me any type of food that's taste good and I will eat it up