The Hot LifeGuard

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Aimee Balestrino By aimeebal Updated 10 months ago
The girls in this town only go to the beach for one reason... Tyler Johnson. The Hot LifeGuard. But it's a tough competition as all the girls are competing against eachother to win Tyler. Throwing themselves at him, Kate is the only one who doesn't care, and that is why he's even more attracted to her. A series of clumsy events will bring these two strangers together, and it will make Kate have the best summer experience of her life. The girls get pretty jealous as things heat up, and do things that they wouldn't normally do. Join them in this romance and adventure story.
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Nice story so far. I lovvvveeeee HOT GUYS. but i dont wNt to hVe crushes on them. I KNOW, WEIRD RIGHT?!::>_<::
please please upload ASAP!!! this story sounds soo awesome! =]
U should upload ASAP! It's a good beginning for this story! 
                                    Can't wait to read more!
                                    *Sorry if all my exclamation point annoy you lol*