Dead End (Assassination Classroom FanFiction) Karma  X OC

Dead End (Assassination Classroom FanFiction) Karma X OC

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♡Kira♡ By KiraDoki Updated Aug 01, 2015

Recently Kirameki Akamine transfers from Class A to Class E, a mischievous girl wanders around the society of violence and weapons. Apparently, someone seems to be dumbfounded by her skill and attitude.
"Akamine-San, you'll be moving to Class E. That is all," The school dean said clasping his hands together, "Hurting students is not an option, you'll be spending the rest of 3rd year In the 3-E class."
"What?!?" Akamine shouted,

I do not own Assassination Classroom, all the Original Characters in this story are mine. Unless said so.
(Cover made by me)

Quick Description of Kirameki Akamine:

Hair Colour: Redish Brown
Eye Colour: Brown
Persona: Loves blood and seeing people in pain, has a soft side though usually it's not shown. Usually if she's not kind or insane, she's cold and distant. In other words she's a Tsundere and Yandere.
Fighting Choice: Abusing, Black Mailing, Sniping and stabbing (Some times sneak attacks) 
Name Meaning: Kirameki, (Sparkles). Akamine, (Red Peak). Kira (A play on Killer)
Hobby: Picking on helpless girls or hanging out with Karma

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