Accidental Kiss

Accidental Kiss

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I woke up the next morning, and sat up. Like a wave, the realization of what happened last night washed over me. I kissed my best friend. And he kissed me back.

What if you were the only person in the entire school that had never been kissed?

What if your nickname was ‘The Fuse’ because you blew up in people’s faces if they tried to kiss or date you?

What if, by accident, you kissed your best friend?

Well, find out through the eyes of Jo Green.

EmilyGlass3 EmilyGlass3 Oct 08
I know this is a little late and someone else may have pointed this out but you should only put * for a couple of the letters not all of them.
Hey this is really good there's just something I'd like to point out. Whenever there's a time skip I think it would help if you put a symbol to show that there is one.
This reminds me of princess diaries because the mom gets married to her math teacher.
ChookyM ChookyM May 29, 2015
Ahhh. That's sweet that he would choose her over his girlfriends.