Possessive bestfriend

Possessive bestfriend

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Jezzabelle & Jessie were bestfriends since diapers. They were very close, and loved each other before they even knew what love was, most likely they were each others first true love, but never told a soul. 

They enjoyed their friendship till one day he moves away not even saying goodbye to his bestfriend who waited for him to come back... 

Waiting soon enough dissappeared when he hasnt showed up for years. She managed to take matters in her own hands, she became the most popular girl in school, every guy fell in love with her. Except for the fact that since her first true love broke her heart, she has blocked every reason to fall in love again.  

Then in the middle of her senior year, her first true love ends up coming back out of thin air. Not only that, but he was also the hot new guy in the school. She was surprised to see her bestfriend fully grown and fine, while his eyes never left the hungry taste he had in them seeing his now all grown up bestfriend who had literally turn into the definition of perfection. As soon as his eyes landed on her, he knew he had to make her his. He wanted to make her fall in love with him the same way he fell in love with her when they were kids. But how can you undo something that cant be undone? But then again nothings impossible...right? 

Will he make her fall in love with him the way he fell for her? Or will the reason she stopped loving him comes back and haunts him? 

Will she break down her walls for the guy who was the reason she built it? Or will she continue sleeping around, partying, and fights? 

Read if you want to see secrets being revealed, pasts coming back to haunt the present, jealousy, heartbreaks, fights, and most likely.....a possessive bestfriend! 
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