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An Angel's Grace (Castiel x OC)

An Angel's Grace (Castiel x OC)

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Lexi Durbin By llDeathByRosesll Updated Dec 22, 2015

Alexandria, or Alex for short, is the youngest of the Winchester's. she's not their legitimate sister, but her mother died giving birth to her, and her father gave her up to the Winchester's. 
She's had a strange mark on her back, a cross, for as long as she can remember. She considers it a birthmark. But there's something weird about it: It glows a bright blue. 
while saving people, hunting things, and protecting her older brothers, research about her cross has consumed her completely. 
She meets an angel that calls himself Castiel. He tells her what the cross means, but even he doesn't know how, or why it was put there. Something, even biggger than the Winchester's level of crazy, unravels. 
 Alex can't help but give in.

CasJune CasJune Jun 02
I'm kinda ok either way I believe it takes a bit to fall in love but I also believe you can have a crush or attraction to someone fairly early. I just don't like where they meet and the next day they are already saying they love each other that is unrealistic.
I love long stories and some one-shots are good but I hate when there is no sequel or ending😭😭😭😭
Kanachi108 Kanachi108 Apr 08
I love long stories! I have found some long stories on Castiel but not many but unfortunately this was updated 2 years ago 😢
BloodRedMoonAndSky BloodRedMoonAndSky Nov 27, 2016
First time I saw cas, I fell in love. Now I'm married to Crowley and we never went out with each other
ICameFromHellEnjoyMe ICameFromHellEnjoyMe Dec 19, 2016
THANK YOU SWEET BABY! I hate stories where it's all love at first sight and the character development all happens in like five scenes, like no. That's not how emotions work. Staph
AnotherHotMess AnotherHotMess Jun 02, 2016
Finally someone with more common sense and less fangirl/hormones. I swear.