Children of the War

Children of the War

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Holly Gonzalez By Holly_Gonzalez Completed

The War has ravaged Earth for two generations. Young Walter Marlow and his family struggle to survive, in a world of desperation and death.

When Walter and his loved ones are captured by the enemy, everything turns upside down. Loyalty, friendship, and faith are tried to the utmost, and he will come to discover what is truly valuable, amid the turmoil of revolution, and the birth of a new society.

Diesel robots, water raids, sadistic Pruessian officers, fanatical boxing, and mysterious cats abound.This short story is a prelude and introduction to the retrofuture universe upcoming in my decopunk novel, "Ruby Descent".

Note: This story contains violence and dark situations, in an apocalyptic setting.

  • alternateuniverse
  • boxing
  • decopunk
  • dieselpunk
  • friendship
  • loyalty
  • retrofuture
  • retropunk
  • robots
  • sciencefiction
  • war
Ahhnajoliecopley Ahhnajoliecopley Nov 14, 2016
The only thing that would have made this read excellent... would be a bag of orville buttered popcorn😀
Eamane_Seregon Eamane_Seregon Oct 19, 2016
This was stunning! I loved this so far. I like how you described the war's inception, the citizens struggle for water, the giant robots. Too bad about Young's lover in the end. He fought bravely.
MyCasandra MyCasandra Jan 11, 2016
The Kaezer was thirteen when he invaded...? (Sorry, I'm a bit of a grammar freak. Loving it so far!)
CarolinaC CarolinaC Oct 12, 2015
I like the feel of this dystopia a lot - and the idea of an alternate first world war that carried on to the '40s is absolutely chilling
EarlHatsby EarlHatsby Sep 06, 2015
love the imagery of the giant robots: "the metallic thud of their giant strides."
Wayne_Sharpe Wayne_Sharpe Sep 03, 2015
A great read. It reminds me a little of the artillery man in War of the world. This is one i will keep reading as long as you keep writing it :-)