SoMa one shots

SoMa one shots

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jamismalls By jamismalls Updated Jun 03, 2015

Maka tossed and turned in her bed unable to fall asleep. For Maka this was unusual, it was a school night. "Why can't I go to sleep", she thought. She heard familiar footsteps approach. 

"Maka?" Soul called out as he walked towards her room. "Did you have a nightmare or something?" he asked, rubbing his eyes as he stood in her doorway. "No Soul" she replied. "I haven't even gone to sleep yet. I don't know what's wrong" she said worriedly. Soul laughed sleepily. "Look, I'm no doctor or anything, but I'm pretty sure it's normal to not be able to fall asleep every once in a while". Maka scowled "I know soul" she said in a huff. "It's just a school night and I'm not going to get any sleep." 

Soul walked into the room and the moonlight shined on his old scar. He sighed lightly and sat on the corner of her bed, "scoot over". "What?", Maka questioned. "I'm laying with you until you fall asleep" he demanded. Maka huffed but did as Soul said. "Alright fine." she said. Soul crawled in under th...

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failzlol failzlol Apr 10, 2017
Through all of this I kept thinking to myself, are thier neighbours hearing this?
Pxppies Pxppies Mar 27, 2017
Leaving that door cracked is going to bed the death of you..just saying
TicciTobster TicciTobster Aug 15, 2015
Wait.... I didn't know that... Makes me wonder what my guy friends do  eine closed doors
TicciTobster TicciTobster Aug 15, 2015
I do that just because I can't look at them without blushing XD