New Beginnings

New Beginnings

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Shania By niaaa_j Completed

"No! I don't wanna hear a damn thing you gotta say. You betrayed me!" I said as I snatched my arm away and stormed out without turning back.

I got into my car and looked at the scratch in the mirror. As Monte trailed behind me, I quickly pulled out the parking lot and sped home.

When I got home, the neighbor was outside on the porch again. He waved, but I couldn't find the strength to wave back and ran into the house before I completely broke down. 

As soon as I closed the door, I slid to the floor and cried my eyes out. About 5 minutes later, there was a knock on the door. I stayed where I was, thinking it was Monte outside.

"Miss?" I heard from the other side of the door.

I got up and tried to get myself together the best way I could at the moment and looked out the peep hole. It was the neighbor.

kaymonroee_ kaymonroee_ Sep 12
Monte ain't shít 😒 {excuse my French} He deserved more than that slap & I need to know who that neighbor is cause he is the man I need in my life 😭❤️💯
Monte lied abd she been crushing on the neighbor so I think she should be so the the neighbor instead of monte
kaymonroee_ kaymonroee_ Sep 12
yesss sis 😩❤️ this chapter is bombb ! My favorite book right now❤️
loved that term "thotscotching". Lol, and Monte' is just turning out to be everything she lowkey already thought about him smh. The neighbor comforted her, so I think they'll end up getting closer.