Taken from Home || Ereri ||

Taken from Home || Ereri ||

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~Outie~ By _buttplugs_ Updated Jun 21, 2016

!Mafia LeaderLevi!x!TeenageEren! 

Neck deep in debt, poor teenage Eren and his parents are hunted down by the Ackerman clan. But one mistake and they are finally caught. Not having anything valuable to give, they end up giving up their only jewel, Eren. 

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hhhprincess hhhprincess Apr 23
whenever it's spelled like this, i pronounce it 'ka-lur-rah' and not like carla, but meh.
@ErenJearger205 @OliverOafish @Hanji_Mc 
                              in japan, there isn't a syllable for how you normally spell carla, so technically kalura is a correct way to spell it
AiMila AiMila Aug 14, 2016
¬_¬.....I would had confronted them.....I suck at staying quiet when I find something that needs to be understood that involves me and I don't know
How hard did you try to spell Carla, I am fostering genuine curiosity for this?
Kellic513 Kellic513 Feb 04
Well that's not how you spell Carla and what the fudge do u not care about eren
YaoiFreak768 YaoiFreak768 Jun 23, 2016
When I read the summary of this fanfic I instantly started singing criminal by Britney Spears "Mama I'm in love with a criminal"