Not That Interested

Not That Interested

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عیشہ. By ShutUpAndCoffee Completed

My name is Mina Amin. Pakistani. Aged 23. Artist. Foodie. Cat freak. About to marry my best friend. Yep, the usual.
I am the girl you wish you could be. Life for me is pretty much perfect; Until it no longer is.

This story is about the pain of unrequited love. 
This story will make you think about stuff you'd rather not think about.
This story is about friendship, love, and forgiveness...
But it is also about Infidelity, hurt, and Godlessness. 
Read & Enjoy! (The author loves to read comments)

WARNING: Might cause females to fall in love with the characters. Might also cause them to have delusional, bloated expectations from males. Don't proceed with caution, because deep inside you're a masochist. Cheers.

DISCLAIMER: This book has Muslim characters, but it is not an accurate representation of "Islam". It is not meant to preach, or depict perfect Muslims.

Cupcake_delirium Cupcake_delirium Jul 30, 2016
Ohk so this prologue is different and literally made me sit down!
Nayshaaaa Nayshaaaa Apr 02, 2016
Umm I'm reading the seeries in the wrong order lol but this sounds SO similar to what Azzy tells Lailzz in the recent chps =>
Aillurophilee Aillurophilee Jun 01, 2016
Did you hear that?! 
                              That was the sound of my heart breaking.
Aillurophilee Aillurophilee Jun 01, 2016
I'm going to pretend I am reading it for the first time. 😌
_TravellingThoughts_ _TravellingThoughts_ Aug 31, 2016
This is seriously not the time and place to have a mindfuck. But good beginning!
Minnie_xX- Minnie_xX- Jan 27, 2016
I just noticed that my vote has not benn registered in many/any of the chapters.:( I guess I did offline reading:/ Gonna vote for all of 'em!